Here at the Sheila Kirkland Community Pool, we want everyone to enjoy their swim, and we are doing everything we can to keep our customers and staff safe.

FACE MASKS for adults must be worn on entry to the building, in the changing rooms, poolside but once sat down they can be removed and put back on for changing room and leaving the building.

 Entry When you enter the building, adults please use the hand sanitizer stations unless you are also getting in the pool with your child when you will be required to shower before the lesson. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the building. You will be informed which changing room to use as we are alternating for the ladies’ changing room enabling us to clean after each lesson.

Whenever possible please arrive swim ready (we understand this is not possible if coming straight from school). This is to reduce the time in the changing rooms.

ONE WAY SYSTEM we are operating a one-way system through the building. If you use the ladies’ changing room, you will leave through the fire exit door at the end of the pool. If you are using the men’s or disabled changing room, then you will leave through the main reception, if the exit is clear.

Showers Please shower only before the lesson begins. After the lesson, please go straight to the changing room and change as quickly as possible.

Only one adult per child for lessons in the building, siblings are not allowed. The only exception is if they are babies or siblings having lessons back to back.

If siblings’ lessons are back to back, please do not allow the children to run around and ensure they are sat quietly without disrupting others lessons, observing covid distance rules.

Please see the link below for our new terms and conditions on using the pool following our re-opening.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Terms and conditions August 2020