Toddlers Class: 3 yrs +

Come on in, you can do it…

Entering a swimming pool without you by their side is a big step for your toddler, but here at Wirksworth, one smile from our friendly instructors, who work in the water, and your little star will be splashing away independently in no time.

Our Toddler learn to swim lessons are for pre-school children over 3 years, or by invitation from our Tiddler infant classes, and the lessons are designed as an introduction to the teaching environment without parental participation.

We work on building confidence through play and encouraging independent movement. The lessons include games and songs, but also aim to ‘waterproof’ your child by teaching them how to scramble to safety if they should fall into water.

Reward and recognition

Toddlers learning to swim at Wirksworth follow our Toddler learn to swim programme. There are 6 awards your child can work towards, culminating in a ten metre front paddle. Your child will receive a mini wall chart to follow their progress. 

To obtain each of the 6 awards your toddler will need to:

  1. BS: with assistance, enter pool safely, float unassisted, move 5m front, move 5m back, exit pool
  2. BS: without assistance, enter pool safely, turn front to back and back to front, climb out by steps
  3. 5mb: swim 5 metres front paddle and back paddle with only one biscuit arm band on each arm
  4. 5mfp: swim 5 metres front paddle with no arm bands
  5. 10mfp: swim 10 metres front paddle with no arm bands
  6. WC: with the use of swimming aids:
    1. Pool entry – jump from the pool side on to a woggle swimming aid
    2. Sculling – scull 5 metres head first across the pool
    3. Treading water – bounce up and down lifting shoulders out of the water
    4. Floats and glides – perform a star float on their back
    5. Underwater skill – submerge their face in the water
    6. Water safety question – Provide the answer to the question: Is it safe to go swimming without adult supervision?

Class times see timetable

To find out more about learn to swim lesson times and availability please contact us