1-2-1 Kids Swimming Lesson

Tailor-made swimming

Children progress at different paces and for some, private 1-2-1 swim lessons can be a good alternative to class swim lessons. These sessions work well for:

  • Nervous swimmers who lack water confidence
  • Older children new to swimming who feel embarrassed in group sessions with younger members
  • Children who are easily distracted in group lessons
  • Children who are struggling with one stroke or skill

At Wirksworth, we offer a tailor-made 1-2-1 service, and can deliver complete and regular learn to swim lessons or one-off classes.

If your child is part of our learn to swim class programme, but would benefit from adhoc support with a particular stroke, we also offer reduced 1-2-1 lesson rates.

Session times

Availability for 1-2-1 sessions is limited, particularly during term time, so please contact us for times and availability.