Wrigglers Class: Birth – 18 mths

Come and make a splash with tiny toes at baby swimming…

Babies love our pool here at Wirksworth. At just 5 x 10 metres, it’s a small welcoming place and with water heated to around 32C, there’s no cold water tears from babies or parents!

Wrigglers classes are open to babies from birth (after their first set of injections) to 18 months and are led by a qualified instructor who joins the class in the water, to offer advice on how to interact with your baby to build their water confidence.

The classes are designed to give you quality time to bond with your baby and build trust in the water, supported by instructor-led structured play and nursery rhymes.

Our team will also show you how to encourage a baby’s natural instincts and abilities to hold their breath with some basic submersion exercises.

We know infants learn best through repetition, so each week our classes follow a similar pattern, reassuring the children and helping them relax and enjoy the water.

We know we’re biased, but we believe giving a child a lifetime love of water is one of the best gifts a parent can provide.

To find out more about session times and availability please contact us