1-2-1 Adult Swimming Lessons

Learning to swim

Learning to swim as an adult can feel like a big step. Most non-swimming adults are anxious because of a negative past experience. They tell us they feel self-conscious and embarrassed in the water, or worry about learning to swim in a group.

At Wirksworth Pool, our experienced instructors soothe away fears, offering reassurance and undivided attention in 1-2-1 adult swimming lessons.

During an initial session, we take time to understand the starting point of each learner and then tailor the lessons to meet the needs of the individual.

Advanced lessons

In days gone by, many people taught themselves to swim and picked up bad habits along the way. If you can swim but don’t feel confident in water or struggle with pace or stamina, private 1-2-1 adult swimming lessons can quickly help correct strokes and help ensure you make the most of your swimming ability.

This is particularly relevant for Triathlon participants, who benefit greatly from improved front crawl breathing techniques. Stroke improvement can save significant time and effort from the swimming leg of competitions.