AquaFit: suitable for all abilities

New: AquaFit 

30 minutes of  exercises in water set to a slow tempo music.

Why AquaFit  ?

AquaFit  is for all abilities and fitness levels. It can be completed at your own pace. The water resistance exercises help work all muscle groups and burn body fat without putting stress on joints.

Who is AquaFit for:

  • Adults 50+
  • Children 14+
  • Adults with back or joint problems
  • Adults following a weightloss programme
  • Doctor’s referrals for rehabilitation following surgery

Why Wirksworth Pool?

Wirksworth Pool is ideal for AquaFit. It has a constant depth and warm waters, making exercise pleasurable for swimmers and non-swimmers alike.

Our qualified instructors have a wealth of experience. They make AquaFit fun and a great social session too.

If you’re looking for a fun, enjoyable way to improve your fitness, give AquaFit a try.

Due to our new regulations to make sure we are keeping our staff and customers safe, currently Aquafit is a pre-book only class people for a maximum of 12  people. Please contact reception to book your Aquafit place.