Intermediate Class: Swim 15 metres +

Let’s start building water skills

Our Intermediate learn to swim lessons are for children who have completed 15 metres using a primary stroke and their Water Confidence One award.

These formal style lessons are about improving your child’s breast stroke, developing their back paddle in to back stroke and improving their water skills. At this stage, children benefit from the support of our friendly instructors who work in the water, not on poolside, to help your child improve their stroke techniques.


To obtain each of the awards your children will need to demonstrate the ability to:

  1. 20 Metres Primary Stroke: travel on their back 20 metres using alternate leg kick or front using a recognisable breast stroke.
  2. 5 Metres Secondary Stroke: demonstrating the ability to swim 5 metres, on their front using recognisable breast stroke or on their back using simultaneous leg kick.
  3. 25 Metres: travel 25 metres using either a recognisable breast stroke or back crawl.
  4. 50 Metres: swim 50 metres using either a recognisable breast stroke or back crawl.
  5. 75 Metres: swim 75 metres alternating between breast stroke and back crawl, changing stroke at the end of a length only, using pool walls to touch and turn.
  6. Water Confidence Two:
    1. Sculling – Scull for 5 metres feet first with the feet at or near the surface.
    2. Treading Water – Tread water in an upright position for 30 seconds unaided.
    3. Floats/Glides – Perform a star float on the front and back. Push and glide on the front and back.
    4. Underwater Skills – Pick up an object from the pool bottom. Swim through two partially submerged hoops.
    5. Water Safety – Answer one of a possible four water safety questions.

Class times

To learn more about learn to swim lesson times and availability please contact us